For direct hires, Insourceon charges only 12.5% of a candidate’s first year salary as a placement fee.  You read correctly.  This is far below the industry standard and it’s for a good reason.  We are looking to work exclusively with a small group of businesses that need our help in hiring.  In doing so, we’re looking to work closely with hiring managers to identify the skills and intangible qualities of their desired candidates and make hires.  In other words, we work with businesses that are serious about using us to source and hire their employees.  We want to be your recruiters of choice, not just another third party recruiter looking for a quick pay day.

Talent Acquisition and Hiring:

Insourceon Recruiting is the complete solution to all of your talent acquisition needs.  By knowing your business and leveraging our vast reach into the labor market, we provide your Hiring Managers with the best candidates quickly, allowing you to fill critical roles without delay.  Insourceon will handle nearly all aspects of the recruiting process to include sourcing, screening, interview scheduling, and recruiting compliance in such a way that leaves the decision making in your hands and the workload in ours.  We rely on skilled Recruiters armed with the right technology and a thorough knowledge of your company to wade through an immense pool of job seekers and find the ideal talent for your organization.  Insourceon Recruiting is available to work for you on a hourly contract recruiting or direct hire basis.  Any proposal or contingent hire recruiting for government contractors can only be performed on an hourly contract recruiting basis.  Please contact us for additional details on rates and our service offerings.

Recruiting Approach:

Insourceon believes that talent acquisition is still an art form despite the latest technologies we have available to us.  It’s about knowing what you’re looking for and vetting the candidates we find to ensure they’ll be the right representatives of your business.  We believe in having our recruiters spend a portion of their time at your site so they’re familiar with your culture and develop relationships with many of your hiring managers.  When a new requisition is opened, our Recruiter will take the time to sit down with the Hiring Manager to make sure we have a full understanding of the program, client, job duties and requirements, as well as the intangibles you’re looking for in your next hire.  In addition, we will hold weekly status meetings with your company’s managers and appropriate business representatives to prioritize requisitions, provide status updates on current efforts, and plan for future recruiting initiatives.

We complement our broad sourcing efforts with a screening process that identifies a targeted pool of candidates that align well with your corporate culture and the technical requirements of each position.  We understand that onboarding starts from the first phone call, and with our knowledge of your organization and your business, we always represent you well and get candidates excited about working for your business.

As a result, we only present serious candidates that meet our stringent requirements and the Hiring Manager’s expectations, reducing the time it takes to select the right candidate.  Insourceon will handle the logistics of setting up the interview, and making sure the candidate knows where to go, when to be there, and who to ask for.  Following the interview process, Insourceon will gather feedback from the Hiring Manager and inform the candidate of the interview results and commence the hiring process or continue the search.

Insourceon Recruiters will coordinate with your company’s business leaders to work priority funded positions that you can bill for immediately as well as identify and recruit candidates for upcoming proposals.  Insourceon can also provide surge recruiting support in the event of a contract win requiring large amounts of hiring in a short transition window. We’re your business partner and we will always remain flexible to the needs of the business.

HR Services and Ad Hoc Servicing:

To gain competitive advantage, businesses have come to rely on their Human Resources (HR) departments to develop strategies for more than just managing the transactions of their workforce.  HR leaders are charged with the greater mission of developing the “people” strategies, in alignment with and to facilitate the organization’s goals.  As a result, HR leaders can find themselves stretched thin, often with the organization’s human capital initiatives taking a back seat to the often time-consuming must-get-done administrative tasks. When you’re bogged down in the daily details, there’s no time for designing competitive total rewards packages, staff development projects, or other key initiatives that help move the business forward.

Insourceon, Inc. offers a full range of customizable solutions to help organizations accomplish their HR administration, allowing their HR leaders to focus on moving their HR programs to the next level.

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